Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Disease and Injuries Facility

Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Disease and Injuries Facility

MTS model 809
MTS Model 809

 The mechanical testing facility houses a Materials Testing System Model 809 biaxial servohydraulic mechanical testing system capable of generating 55,000 lb axial load and 25,000 in-lb torsional load. It has a dual servovalve system and a range of lower load cells to also accommodate small specimens. A third axis is incorporated in the load frame for testing the entire stance phase of stride for cadaveric limbs. Ancillary equipment includes strain gauge signal conditioning equipment, linear variable displacement transducers, linear potentiometers, and extensometers. This area also houses a PC computer with LabView software, a SCXI signal conditioning system for control and data acquisition on custom made loading systems, and a digital camera image acquisition board (IMAQ PCI-1424) with Pulnix TM-6710 monochrome 120 Hz digital video camera for recording motion and displacements. It also contains two Photron Fastcam PCI high-speed high-resolution cameras and Vicon Motus software for kinematic analysis.

Exakt Bandsaw
Exakt band saw
Exakt Grinder
Exakt grinder

The tissue processing area houses equipment for the plastic embedment and processing of mineralized (and unmineralized) tissues for microscopic examination. This equipment includes a Leitz 1600 circular bone saw, a Buehler Isomet low speed bone saw, a Buehler Ecomet 2 grinder/polisher, a Maruto laper, a Polycut E microtome/ultramiller, and an Exakt 310 CP System. The Exakt Cutting/Grinding System is an integrated system for sectioning undecalcified tissues and metallic implants that consists of a precision band saw, embedding tools, a microgrinding device, and accessories for specimen handling.

The microscopy area houses an Olympus Vanox II Research Photomicroscope with transmitted light, epifluorescent, phase contrast, polarized light, and Nomarsky capabilities. It has a PAXcam and PAX-It software for image capture, measurement, and processing. An Olympus stereophotomicroscope is also available. Custom software allows for general morphometry or for quantitative microradiography.

The photography area houses a photostand and Nikon D3 SLR digital camera, Nikon D1X SLR digital camera, Nikon Coolpix P7100 digital camera, Nikon 990 digital camera, and SONY Handycam digital video camera for documentation of tests and findings.

student using SIMM software
PhD student using SIMM software program

The computer area houses 10 PC computers running Windows XP, Vista, or 7. The PC computers are loaded with word processing (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), graphical (SigmaPlot), presentation (Powerpoint), database (Access), statistical (SAS), epidemiological (Egret), image manipulation (Photoshop), image analysis (ImageJ and Motus), mechanical testing (FlexTestGT, MultiPurpose Testware), data acquisition (Labview), simulation (SIMM, SD Fast, Dynamics Pipeline), computational (Matlab), software development (Visual C++), Computer Aided Drafting-3D modeling (AutoCAD 2012, Autodesk Inventor, and ProE), volume visualization of computed tomography (Efilm), finite element model creation and analysis software (Simpleware and Abaqus), rigid-body dynamic system modeling and visualization software (Visual 3D) and internet software.