Musculoskeletal Imaging

Musculoskeletal Imaging

portable digital radiography unit
Sound-Eklin portable digital radiography unit

The radiography and microradiography area houses a portable digital radiography unit (NEXT, Sound-Eklin) and 2 cabinet x-ray units (Faxitron) for the radiography of gross specimens and quantitative microradiography of thin sections using high-detail mammography film and emulsion-coated glass plates.





microct specimen scanner
ScanCo Medical µCT35 specimen scanner

The microCT area houses a ScanCo Medical μCT35 specimen scanner.  Its capabilities are ex-vivo specimens from size  35mm diameter by 74mm long (37 micron resolution) to 6mm diameter by 45mm long (5 micron resolution).  It is runs a 45-70kVp, 72-145 microAmp conebeam.  It includes calibration of CT image to Hydroxyapetite for bone analysis and software to analyze density, bone volume, and morphometry measures.  It has the capability of scanning soft-tissues using contrast-enhancement (blood vessels, cartilage, etc).


A PC computer diagnostic imaging workstation has two 3 megapixel, monochrome LCD monitors (ME351i Totoku, North America Inc., Iriving TX 75038) and DICOM review software (Efilm) and is integrated into the image archiving and communications system (PACS). Two additional imaging stations include 3 Apple iMac computers running radiography/CT/MRI image visualization software (Osirix) which is also integrated into the PACS system.