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If you require care, diagnosis or treatment for your companion animal, contact the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

If you are interested in:

Musculoskeletal Lab General information
Mechanical testing, microCT, radiography, undecalcified histology services
Contact: Tanya Garcia-Nolen

Cell and Molecular Biology Lab General information
Contact: Alice Wong

Musculoskeletal biomechanics
Performance horse injuries
Contact: Dr. Susan Stover

Cell and molecular biology research
Contact: Dr. Clare Yellowley or Dr. Damian Genetos
Email: or

Equine stem cell research and related clinical studies
Contact: Dr. Larry Galuppo

Locomotion or gait studies
Contact: Dr. Amy Kapatkin (small animal) or Dr. Susan Stover (large animal)
Email: or

Small animal clinical studies
Contact: Dr. Amy Kapatkin or Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little
Email: or

Mailing address:
J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory
1285 Veterinary Medicine Dr, bldg VM3A rm 4206
University of California
One Shields Ave Davis, CA 95616

General Fax: (530)754-0150